The Truth About Fluoride, Part 3

baby drinking distilled waterToday I want to talk about fluoride and your child. When we had our child eleven years ago, our pediatrician told us that using tap water with the baby formula was fine. Obviously she was quite uneducated about fluoride and water in general. She was also obviously unaware that even the American Dental Association recommends that babies should not consume fluoridated water. Luckily, I am very educated about water. There was no way that I was going to put fluoridated tap water into my child’s body.

So I want to give you some resources. In addition to the article I talked about yesterday, I recommend that you check out this resource, which is a link to numerous studies about the health effects of fluoride. But the main page that I want you to check out is this one that shows 24 different scientific studies showing that fluoride consumption results in lower IQ scores!

Do your own research on fluoride. Come to your own conclusions, because your health and the health of your family is your responsibility!

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