Removing Uranium From Water with a Pure Water Distiller

Based on the phone calls we are receiving, the nuclear meltdown in Japan is having a real impact in this country.  While, many commentators are saying that there is no danger and no need to worry, there are also reports and views to the contrary.

It is certainly hitting home to consumers.  Maybe it’s the mistrust in what the government is saying, but there is no doubt that consumers are acting fast.  Potassium iodide pills have sold out and there has been a run on gas-masks and surgical gowns! 

The Press has not focused on water yet, but can it be far behind?

When it comes to water purification, distillation is an effective process in the removal of uranium and other “radionucleides”.   

The public may not be aware, but uranium is a rather common contaminant in parts of North America.   The Provincial Government in Nova Scotia, Canada reports that “distillation can remove 100 per cent of the uranium in drinking water”.

The distillation process is most effective in the removal of inorganic contaminants from drinking water, and most radioactive contaminants are radioactive isotopes of inorganic contaminants

The University of Nebraska Extension notes “boiling water is not an effective means of removing uranium. Pour-through, faucet-mounted and POU activated carbon filters also are not an effective means of removing uranium”. It is not the boiling aspect of the distillation process which is at play here (boiling is good for biological contaminant removal). Instead, it is the phase-change when water is heated and changes from a liquid to a vapor (steam) that is effective. The uranium stays behind in the boiling water (which is then drained away) and the steam lifting from the boiling water is devoid of uranium.

So, if you are concerned about events currently going on in the world, or concerned about the potential for future nuclear disasters you should invest in a distiller now.  You get the benefits of using distilled water day after day and you having protection in the event of a disaster.

Now a word of caution.  If you are removing radioactive contaminants from the water, it is important that you do not have the radioactive residues “stay around”.  You need to get rid of them quickly.  In our opinion you are best to have a well designed reliable distiller fitted with an automatic drain.  This will allow the residues to be drained away and minimized the potential for build-up.

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