Nuclear Radiation – Stay Tuned Folks

The terrible triple disaster that hit Japan recently was so unbelievable in its scope due to our inability to comprehend just how large the forces of nature are.

While the earthquake and tsunami were events that, while terrible, had a defined start and finish to them, not so with the problems at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant which seem to be getting worse.  Just what is going on there is open to speculation.  Some facts are solid, others are very shaky and what the outcome will be is not known at this time.

What is known with certainty is that the several reactors at this plant malfunctioned as a result of the earthquake and the tsunami damage to the plant itself, but more importantly, to the back-up power generators which were there to ensure back-up cooling for the reactor water in the event the primary system failed.  But when the back-up generators were damaged, and power to the plant was interrupted there was no good way to keep the reactors cool.

The known facts:  The plant has been damaged, there have been leaks of radioactive materials into the air and water around the plant, two workers have been exposed to very high levels of radiation.  Measured radiation levels are increasing. Radiation has been detected in drinking water in Tokyo and radiation from Japan has been detected in China, and in the USA .

What is confusing: Are the radiation numbers being told to the public accurate?  Have the dangers from the situation been adequately communicated? Why are there conflicting stories?  For example,  this weekend, water inside the complex was reported to be 10 million times the level normally found in water inside nuclear power plants. But later it was reported that the level was really only 100,000 times the normal levels.   Both seem dangerously high to me.

What the Future holds:  We really don’t know.  No one does. This is beyond our human experience.  One thing is for sure the seawater nearby has been severely contaminated and the radiation levels are getting higher.  We’ve heard from people in Japan who are beyond concerned, which is quite natural.  While the half-life of radioactive iodine is quite short, the other radioactive decay products such as cesium 137 and strontium 90 will be with us for a very long time.

Stay tuned.  This story has a long way to go. 

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    Is this something I should be concerned about knowing that my son is a cancer survivor, and Drinking water..

      That’s a good question Denise. As stated in the article, we know certain facts and we don’t know others. We know that radiation is being found all around the US and even Europe. We know that the situation in Japan is still out of control. We know that even plutonium is leaking from the reactor. What we don’t know is when or if they will be able to get the meltdown under control and we don’t know how much radiation we will be exposed to.

      Here are a couple of thoughts…

      First of all, we are dealing with an ever increasing contaminant load in our water supply. Regardless of what is happening with the radiation from Japan, I strongly believe that it is in each person’s best interest to do whatever you can to avoid as many toxins as possible.

      Second, regardless of what the government and public officials say is a “safe” level of contaminants, I know that my standards are much higher than theirs. So I do my own research and make my own judgments, I don’t leave it up to other people to tell me what I should or shouldn’t do. I fully acknowledge that my health and the health of my family is my responsibility.

      Finally, a word on the radioactivity issue. Considering the fact that no one knows where this will end, I think it’s irresponsible for anyone to tell people not to worry. Nor will I say that you should worry, that’s your decision. I present the facts and, I hope, a reasonable perspective on contaminants in your water supply. I educate people on water contamination issues and the importance of avoiding toxins.

      I recommend our products. Some people will say that I’m biased, which of course is true. But I can say that we focus on manufacturing the highest quality products because that’s what we believe in. It’s how I provide high-purity consumable for my family.

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