Should I be worried about radiation in my drinking water?

The Japanese nuclear incident is very likely going to go down in history as the worst environmental disaster ever. The radiation is already being found throughout the US and even in Europe, not just in the air but also in our water supplies. And there is no end in sight. The situation is out of control and nobody seems to know how to regain control.

So the question that we are getting is, “Should I be worried about radiation in my drinking water?” I have a few thoughts on this.

First of all, we are dealing with an ever increasing contaminant load in our water supply. Regardless of what is happening with the radiation from Japan, I strongly believe that it is in each person’s best interest to do whatever you can to avoid as many toxins as possible.

Second, regardless of what the government and public officials say is a “safe” level of contaminants (radioactive or not), I know that my standards are much higher than theirs. So I do my own research and make my own judgments, I don’t leave it up to other people to tell me what I should or shouldn’t do. I fully acknowledge that my health and the health of my family is my responsibility.

Finally, a word on the radioactivity issue. Considering the fact that no one knows where this will end, I think it’s irresponsible for anyone to tell people not to worry. Nor will I say that you should worry, that’s your decision. I present the facts and, I hope, a reasonable perspective on contaminants in your water supply. I educate people on water contamination issues and the importance of avoiding toxins.

I recommend our water distillers. Some people will say that I’m biased, which of course is true. But I can say that we focus on manufacturing the highest quality water distillers because that’s what we believe in. It’s how I provide high-purity consumable for my family.

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    Dear Glenn,
    Thank you for offering your machines to be used in Japan. What was Japan’s response? Are any of the Pure Water distillers being used in Japan now, as a result of your offer?
    Your article is very informative and well written. Can we, as distributors, take any part of this article to the local newpapers for them to publish? It would be great advertisement for Pure and Secure, as well as for the local distributors and dealers. Would it be a good thing for the local distribuors or dealers to add to the local newspaper article their name and contact information should any one want to buy a distiller for themselves?
    P.S. I am not sure of the status you have me with your company – be it a distributorship or dealership. I have been down on my purchases recently. I could see my sales for the year going up as a result of this article in the local newspaper.
    Does Pure and Secure have someone to send to Roseburg to install one of your large machines for office buildings, that connects the different offices to the same system within the same building? I think that would be beyond my capability if I sold one.
    Thank you ahead of time for responding.
    Gayle Bailey
    Distributor/dealer in Roseburg, Oregon

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