PROOF: Yes, we remove uranium from water!

We've had a number of people calling us asking if our premium water distillers remove radioactive contaminants from water. Here is a third-party lab test from 2005 that shows our perfect scores for removing uranium from water.

Here is the before test.

Here is the after test.

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    An explanation on how to read (and compare) the test data would help me (and probably others) a lot.

      Hi Sherman,

      The before test shows that there were 40.5 pCi/L of uranium present in the water with an error margin of plus or minus 3.19%. The after test result was 0 pCi/L present with an error margin of plus or minus 0.562%. Radioactive testing is a little bit different because it isn’t a measure of mass like mg/L (ppm). The measurement pCi/L stands for pycocuries per liter. A pycocurie is a measure of the decay rate of two atoms of the contaminant. This can be converted to mg/L using the atomic weight of the element but comes out to be a scientific number that isn’t a very good comparison (7.32 x 10^-12 ppm). That being said the results still show very effective removal of uranium.


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