Introducing the Pure Water Revolution!

Today I’m proud to announce the new Pure Water Revolution blog! The mission of the Pure Water Revolution blog is…

Pure Water Revolution is about raising your awareness of the new toxins that are increasingly common in our drinking water supplies and to help you realize how vital it is to protect your family from these toxins.

So does it sound familiar? It should, because it’s  very close to the original Watercology mission. So, yes, I also want to announce that the mission of the Watercology blog has changed.

From now on, the Watercology blog is about Pure Water’s efforts to create the best water distillers in the world. So, Watercology is now focused on Pure Water, our company and our products, while the Pure Water Revolution blog is focused on bigger picture of water purity and it’s vital importance to your health.

So why did we do this split? Tomorrow I will explain the “why” in more detail. Suffice it to say, we believe that we have a higher purpose in what we are doing and this change helps us keep this higher purpose in perspective.

Please check out the Pure Water Revolution. Sign up for it and spread the word to as many health conscious persons that you know!


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