The “Why” Behind the Pure Water Revolution

Yesterday I announced some changes in this blog’s mission, while introducing a new blog called “Pure Water Revolution”. Today I want to talk more about why we made this change.

I want to start by again stating what we do at Pure Water; we make the best water purification systems in the world. This is our passion. So what drives us? Is it just a quest for making money? I can say with a little chuckle that this is not the case. Yes, making money is important, just as it is with any entrepreneurial endeavor. But we could have made more money by following the path of least resistance, which is simple filters and reverse osmosis systems*. But this isn’t what we believe in.

We don’t believe in selling something that just improves the taste of water or something that just purifies the water a little bit. We don’t want to try to convince people to trust us, and then present a product that we don’t believe in. I wouldn’t have my family rely on a reverse osmosis system, so how could I sell you one?

We believe that people should only consume water that is as pure as possible, which means fresh, great-tasting distilled water produced by the best water distillers. This is what we do.

My point is that we do what we do because we believe it’s the right thing to do. There is a higher purpose to what we are doing.  We want to educate and inspire people to really, truly care about the purity of water that goes into their bodies. This mission is what drives us. I can say that I have a drive to educate and inspire people to learn the truth about water purity regardless of our business.

So this leads me to my original point regarding the changes in this blog and the creation of the Pure Water Revolution blog. The purpose of the Pure Water Revolution is to allow us to focus on the higher purpose of educating and inspiring people about the importance of water purity with little emphasis on promoting our company and our products. The goal is to separate the Pure Water Revolution site and make it more independent. By focusing on the higher purpose, we believe that it will be a cause that more people will be able to get behind.

At the same time, we don’t want to ignore the business side of things. We want to sell products and we feel that it’s important that you understand a deeper level of what we do and why we do it. We want you to see why we do what we do. We want to show you why we are the best at what we do and why this difference should matter to you. This is the new purpose of the Watercology blog.

So I hope this explanation helps. Please follow both the Pure Water Revolution and the Watercology blog. Sign up and spread the word. Thanks.

* I do want to say that we see our commitment to producing the best products as being a better long-term investment for us. As pollution continues to increase and as awareness of this pollution increases we believe that people will seek out the most effective solution possible, and this seeking will lead them to us.

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    I have been using a pure water distiller since 1984. Anything you drink made with water taste great including the water itself. The city water is lake water and I’d like to note a couple of things. My refrigerator is 16 years with the ice maker never breaking down because of all the sluge in the city water because I clean it out of the distiller’s boiling tank were it collects. Second point is lake water is filty because it is runoff water. That means scum comes from animal living in the water and from on land plus road kill. It all goes into the same pot. If you see it on the land, when it rains, it goes into the lake. You don’t have to drink it. Get yourself a Pure Water Distiller. By the way, besides hooking the ice maker to the distiller, there is a tap faucet a the sink also. Tex Jones

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