Removing Radioactivity from Water (The Truth is Starting to Emerge)

For several months the media was full of reports of the earthquake and tsunami o Japan’s North East coast.  A major impact of the tsunami was the crippling of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant.

For week there were reports of radioactive leaks and at one point the Tokyo water system was contaminated.  Experts viewing photos taken at the time from the air claimed that the damage was much greater than what was being reported. 

Eventually the media focus subsided and today very little from Fukushima makes the headlines.

That changed today when the Wall Street Journal ran a major article saying that the accident was much worse than disclosed and came very close to a catastrophic meltdown.  During the crisis it now appears the fuel rods in Reactor #1 were largely exposed.  Read more from the Wall Street Journal.

Actually little has been reported by the media for months. But fantastically clear photographs of the damaged reactors have reached the Internet.  What they show is severe damage.  There is little doubt that radioactivity is still leaking from the plant in both the water and the air. With variable wind patterns some radiation has move across Pacific Russia and other radiation has been heading towards the USA.

We are continuing testing of removing cesium and iodine from water. Results on removal of radioactive contaminants done to date show a high level of purification can be achieved using a well designed water distiller.


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