Can I Plumb Distilled Water Throughout My House?

Can I Plumb Distilled Water Throughout My House?

Many people who have decided to benefit from having a home water distiller ask whether they can have distilled water piped throughout their house. While it may seem that having distilled water for all your water usage would be beneficial it simply isn’t necessary for non-consumptive water needs.

Approximately only 2% of the water used in your house is used for consumption. The rest is used for washing dishes, flushing the toilet, watering the lawn, etc. It’s impractical and wasteful to bring all water up to the highest level of purity. For this reason it’s useful to think of having different grades of water in your house.

Just regular tap water is usually good for watering the grass.

For internal (non—consumptive) uses, you should use a water softener. Water softeners remove hardness minerals from your water that can build up in plumbing fixtures, leave unpleasant residues (soap scum) and reduce the longevity of your appliances that use water. For your bathing purposes soft water is also less irritating to your skin and hair. You will also use less detergents and soaps as the removal of hardness minerals allows them to be suspended in solution much easier.

For water that you will breath in (such as the in the shower) and water that comes in contact with your skin, you should run the softened water through a whole house carbon filter. The whole house carbon filter removes chlorine and other volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) from your water. Even if your tap water comes from a well, a whole-house carbon filter will remove some contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides and industrial solvents that may be present in your groundwater. These can be absorbed through your skin during bathing and also dissipate into the air in your home during your water regular water usage. Other filters may be necessary for specific contaminants such as iron or manganese if they are present in the water.

For consumptive water, you should run the water that has already gone through the water softener and carbon filter into your Pure Water Distiller. Your Pure Water Distiller will ensure the highest level of purity for all of your consumptive needs. By running softened water into the water distiller you greatly reduce maintenance, and by using a whole house carbon filter you add another layer of protection against gases that can be in your water.

Pure Water manufacturers the best water distillers in the world, and we also can provide you with the best water softener and whole house carbon filter for your needs.

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    If a carbon filter removes chemicals and VOCs why would one need a RO or distiller? While I agree it might be overkill to purify the entire house water supply I also believe that siting in a tub of contaminated water while “enjoying” a bath is not good for me. I live in an agricultural area where the wells a typically not more than 70′ down and if a hole is dug 10′ – 15′ feet down it will fill up with water. No hardness but nitrites, cysts, and who knows how many agricultural and industrial chemicals floating around in the water. While it’s an expense I don’t understand any other reasoning not to have clean water throughout my house.

      Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your comment. Carbon filters are good at removing organic-based contaminants (insecticides, pesticides and herbicides) as well as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) such as chlorine, ammonia etc. This is important for showers and baths where these contaminants can be harmful to the skin and to breathe. For consumptive uses we encourage purifying your water even more through distillation, this will be able to effectively remove not only organic-based contaminants, but also inorganic, biological and even radioactive contaminants, none of which are beneficial to consume. I hope this answers your concerns. If you need further information, please feel free to contact me at

      Thank you,

      Courtney Lawyer

    I agree with Chris! Any water that comes into house, on my dishes, into cloth that I wear, or on my plants etc, should be also be distilled to the highest degree. Sounds to me like the distiller you’re selling couldn’t handle the load, and so therefore you are telling people what’s ok for them and what’s not!! Fluoride? Heard of that? Needs distilled. Should not be in any water that comes into contact with anything, if the customer so chooses not too. Deciding what is ok to be a lessor standard, is exactly why this planet is in the mess it’s on to begin with!!!
    Clean it all or don’t bother. Sell products that can do the lot, or forget it.

      Thanks Simmy for the comment. The use of a distiller for only drinking and cooking and a carbon filter for the rest of the house is not an admission that our distiller can’t handle it but rather a recommendation for being cost effective. The typical American household consumes over 600 gallons of water a day. The majority of this is from flushing toilets, watering lawns, washing dishes and clothes and some for bathing and consuming. We do offer commercial distillers that can provide enough water for the entire house, however there will be some additional considerations if plumbing through the whole house is desired. The home must be plumbed with PEX or food grade tubing and while this is certainly possible, most houses are already plumbed with lead or copper. To heat distilled water through a hot water heater, it must be upgraded to a stainless steel anion rod inside. These upgrade costs combined with the expense of a commercial unit often times deter people from going this route. We’re not saying it can’t be done, it’s just not a typical application for the typical homeowner. If there are concerns over a particular contaminant in the whole house supply such as chlorine, iron, calcium or fluoride for example, there are other treatment methods that can handle them that are much less expensive. I hope this helps to answer your question, feel free to contact us further if you’d like information on our commercial line. Thank you!

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