Why are there so many different types of water?

Drinking water is quite a large industry. You’ve got your filters (and the chemical companies that make the filters), reverse osmosis, bottled water, delivered bottled water, pitcher filters (such as PUR and BRITA), distilled water, clustered water, alkaline water, oxygenated water, spring water, mineral water, smart water, funky magic water, happy water, water that’s blessed by naked monks in the remote regions of Katmandu (Ok, I’m making some of these up), and the list goes on…and on… and on.

On one hand, I say more power to these companies. I love capitalism and competition. If there is a demand, then fill that demand. But I have a more fundamental question; why is there demand for all of these different types of water?

My observation is that there are a few reasons for this…

MISINFORMATION: The general population is shockingly misinformed about water purity. From countless companies trying to spin their message, to governments trying to cover their butts and environmental groups trying to get their way, it’s no wonder that people don’t know which way is up. This cacophony of misinformation makes it easy for companies to tell half-truths and outright lies.

TRADITION: Tradition is not so much of a factor in the USA, but it’s a huge factor in Europe. The Europeans have grown up with spring water and mineral water. They have been sold, for generations, that mineral water and spring water is the best choice (and for centuries it was). It’s hard to overcome tradition.

A DESIRE TO BELIEVE: Another undeniable reason for the numerous scams regarding the “magic” waters is simply people’s desire to believe. Some people just want to believe that there is something that will magically cure them and undo years of bad habits and unhealthy living. I’m not going to say that they shouldn’t have these beliefs, we are each free to believe what we want to believe.

So where do we fit into the whole water treatment industry? We fill a small niche at the top. Our water distillers are the best. We sell our products to people who are aware of water contamination issues, educated about water treatment methods, and who understand that the primary consideration for drinking water should be purity. In addition, people who choose us understand the value of working with a solid, family-owned company that manufactures in the USA.

If this describes you then please give us a call (800-875-5915) or check out our web-site.

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