Pets Need Distilled Water in Their Diet Too

One of the first trips I ever took when I became involved with the Pure Water brand of distillers almost three decades back was to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to visit with our then Distributor, Fred Snyder.  Myrtle Beach is a great place and a very popular place to vacation.

One of the things Fred informed me was the high incidence of kidney stones among dogs in that part of the country.  It was for this reason that he was one of our highest performing distributors.  I still remember him making the comment that he was perplexed because some of his customers purchased a distiller to provide distilled water for their dogs even though they, themselves did not drink distilled water.  Fred soon corrected that and had developed a very successful business providing distillers for both the dogs and their loving owners.

It’s true that pets have a need for distilled water. Shelley Davis, a pet-care expert from New York in answering a pet owner’s question commented It is imperative that you give your dog distilled water and real food, preferable organic.”

Dr Jeannie Thomason is a Veterinary Naturopath, and Animal Nutrition Consultant, Natural Pet Care Educator and a Natural Rearing Dog Breeder and Founder of “The Whole Dog” website Dr Jeannie has also noted that “More and more dogs (and cats) are being diagnosed with bladder or kidney stones. What many of us do not yet understand is that diets high in grains and vegetables (YES, vegetables!) produce alkaline urine, which allows certain stones to form. Magnesium reacts with alkaline urine to cause crystals to be formed.”

It appears from research done at the University of California and the University of Minnesota that if the diet is alkaline, magnesium oxide crystals are found to occur whereas diets high in acidic forms of magnesium did not show crystal growth.   Regardless of the cause, many holistic veterinarians today recommend pets be given distilled water on the regular basis as part of their healthy diet.

This bears out what we had found from my trip to Myrtle Beach many years ago.

A convenient way to obtain distilled water at home is to produce fresh distilled water from a water-distiller.  Make sure though that you get one that has a great warranty and avoid plastic distillers.

PS.          If you live in Myrtle Beach contact our Distributor, Larry Horenbein at 843-626-9856

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    Another advocate of pure water for pets is Dr. Marty Goldstein who his a wholistic veterinarian. His book, “The Nature of Animal Healing” has been very well received and a few years ago he was on the Oprah Winfrey show. His website is:

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