Private Well Owners Take Note

Several years ago, some passengers on an Aerolineas Argentinas airlines jet got violently sick on the flight sector between Lima, Peru and Los Angeles, California.  When the plane arrived in Los Angeles ambulances were waiting to greet the aircraft.  As it turned out, 57 passengers had symptoms of cholera and one passenger died.  They had been exposed to cholera, a dangerous and sometimes deadly biological contaminant found in water or in foods washed with contaminated water (article).

This is a clear example of how quickly biological contaminants can impact human health.

In another example, a friend of mine and his wife from Indianapolis had vacationed in the Dominican Republic, and, on the return flight to the US, the plane had to make an emergency landing in Atlanta due to her very serious health condition which occurred during the flight.  Again, the suspect was biological contaminants in the water or ice she consumed at the airport before departure.

My point is this.  Biological contaminants in water can cause severe illness and it can strike very quickly with potentially deadly results.

However, another group of contaminants found in water can cause chronic illness which occurs over a long period of exposure. An example would be the inorganic trace element group.

In an article released this week in the Environmental Health News, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Geological Survey (USGS) collaborated to study trace elements in private wells across the USA.  In the study more than 5,000 wells sourcing water from 40 aquifers were tested for 23 metals, and metal-like substances as well as radon. The results were not pretty.  The study found that there is widespread occurrence of trace element contamination of wells throughout the nation.

The study found manganese, lithium, uranium, arsenic, boron or other trace elements occurred in 13% of the well tested.  There was widespread geographical occurrence although certain trace elements occurred in local clusters as well.  In North Platte, Nebraska it was uranium.  In some North Eastern states is was arsenic. In the Texas Panhandle it was lithium.

Private wells are not regulated (can’t you see a new opportunity for more Government regulations here?) and it is up to the consumer to have their water tested.  Most states have laboratories that can do the testing for a nominal charge and there are independent private laboratories. For example Mid West Laboratories in Omaha, NE, or National Testing Laboratories, in Cleveland, Ohio

So what if you find contaminants in your water?  I have been in this business for almost 30 years and I’m still amazed at how effective a water distiller is.  A distiller uses a natural and totally reliable “thermal phase-change” process to purify water. It’s a totally different process that filtration and much more effective.  A well-known brand of water distiller will remove all of the contaminants listed above and hundreds of contaminants not listed above.

And what if you don’t want to have your water tested?  You should go straight to the bottom line and get a distiller anyway.  By the way I use a Pure Water distiller (

Tomorrow I’ll get more technical and show you how effective a Pure Water distiller is at removing trace elements (and a whole lot more!!).

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    Good Morning,
    i would like to know the impact that your residential distillers would have on the 28 Unregulated chemicals and 2 viruses that the EPA is now involved with-
    It will be in the year 2015 until the EPA will give direction to the Utility companies (city water) and the health departments ( private well water).

    My limited research has revealed that Florida is in the “top-four” states of major concern.
    As an owner and manager of a small water treatment company, i wanted to correspond with you on
    this subject.
    Looking forward to your response.
    David Coletta

    Hi Glenn
    This is a nice Blog. Good fresh interface and nice informative articles, Useful information sharedpure water is very necessary for every human life , i think pure drinking water is one of the most part everyday .A rising concern today is that in the near future there will be fewer areas where freshwater can be extracted. This strikes a fear that in a planet where 70 percent is water, there still may not be enough to drink, Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waitingfor your next write ups thank you once again.

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