Customer Spotlight: Bag Balm

One of the great joys of this business is to find out how our Pure Water distillers are used.  Of course the distillers themselves are the reliable source of distilled water which is why tens of thousands of people, business, companies, schools, hospitals, clinics and countless other entities have a Pure Water distiller.

Today I found out that one of our Pure Water distillers is in daily use by the Dairy Association Co. in Vermont.  This company has an amazing product and an amazing history.  Since 1899 they have been producing Bag Balm.  I’d never heard of Bag Balm but I asked a friend who works on a farm and he knew of Bag Balm immediately.  Bag Balm is a proprietary balm with soothing qualities that has been used on animals for decades.  Best known for soothing cow udders; it is also used on wounds in dogs and other pets and is popular on horses too.  It is packed in a distinctive green can with the red clovers on the lid.  You may have seen it without recognizing what it was.

Dairy Association Co, Inc has been very fussy about the quality of ingredients they use. That’s why they use a Pure Water distiller – they insist on the purest water at all times and our distillers provide consistency.

Bag Balm was featured by Charles Karault as he visited the four corners of America in search for genuine Americana.  Admiral Byrd took Bag Balm on his expedition to the North Pole and in the aftermath of 9/11, Bag Balm was used to soothe the paws of dozens of search dogs combing the wreckage.  It has even found its way to Iraq and Afghanistan.

We’re proud to be part of Bag Balm’s success.

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