Which water distiller is best?

Distillation is the most effective water purification process, but not all water distillers are the same; not by a long shot! Pure Water Distillers are the best water treatment systems in the world. Period.

Why are our products better? It comes down to water quality, reliability, longevity, the quality of components, workmanship, product design and features.

WATER QUALITY: Most people are surprised to find out that not all water distillers produce the same, excellent quality distilled water as Pure Water Distillers. There are a number of factors that we have observed in competitive distillers that can negatively affect the quality of the distilled water including whether the heating element boils dry, the baffle design, splash protection in the boiling tank, how volatile organic gases are handled, the components used, the craftsmanship and the proper use of carbon filters. As an example, many competitive distillers allow the heating element to boil dry, which increases the temperature and can vaporize chemicals that pass over with the steam.

GREAT TASTE: Taste of pure water is a function of freshness, purity and storage tank components. Have you ever purchased distilled water in milk jug bottles and thought that it tasted nasty? That’s because it’s not fresh, and it’s not stored in high-quality materials, which affects the purity. Pure Water Distillers produce great tasting water. This is the way water is supposed to taste!

RELIABILITY & LONGEVITY:  Pure Water Distillers are DESIGNED in the USA by leading distillation experts who have had decades of real-world experience, are HANDCRAFTED in the USA by highly trained craftsmen, and are constructed using the highest quality components. Our service center, for example, receives many distillers that are over 40 years old, and that have produced over 40,000 gallons of fresh distilled water. After we clean them up they look brand new and they will last another 40 years! This durability, reliability and longevity are what you are buying when you purchase a Pure Water Distiller!

QUALITY CONTROL: Every single machine that we ship is personally operated, inspected and signed off by our leading technical expert!

A TREMENDOUS HISTORY & REPUTATION: For over 40 years, Pure Water Distillers have been recognized as the best water treatment systems in the world. Distillation is the best process, and we produce the best distillers; we are the best of the best. As a testimony of the trust we have earned, over 100 US Embassies use our products to protect their staff against harsh water conditions and potential terror threats against their water supply. Our customer include multinational corporations, universities, hospitals, governments, scientists, doctors, nutritionists and most importantly, hundreds of thousands of families!

In summary, there are no other water treatment products in the world that are in the same league as Pure Water Distillers! (Click here to learn more)

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  1. Wale sholotan April 21, 2012 at 11:51 am #

    Hi, i just want to invest in distilled & pure water business, so i want to furnish me the details on all what i must put in place, where & how to get them. Expecting ur soonest & honest response

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