Cancer Clusters

Hello from Lincoln,

This week my sister and brother-in-law are visiting us from New Zealand where my wife and I grew up.

Before retiring Barbara and John had a 30,000 acres high-country farm near St Bathans in New Zealand.  Yesterday over dinner we had much to talk about but the discussion eventually got round to one we all believe in.  For years Barbara and John have commented on the high number of cancer deaths occurring in the region close to their former farm.  It has been Barbara’s long-held contention that farm chemicals in the water was causing this problem.  Indeed 3 years ago on a trip back to see them we drove back through the area.  As we passed homestead after homestead Barbara would comment on members of each family who had received the bad news of “Cancer”.  Which brings me to Erin Brochovich who likely needs no introduction.  Erin gained international fame seeking justice for citizens of Hinckley, CA  who had suffered from water contaminated by Pacific Gas and Electric.  This historic case ultimately turned into the 2000 movie “Erin Brochovich” starring Julie Roberts ( ).

Erin’s latest project is to track “cancer clusters” around the USA. All of us in the Pure Water family in Lincoln applaud her for this “life-long” project she had embarked on.  If you have concerns that you may be in a “cancer cluster” where you or your loved ones are, you may want to provide Erin with information on your area.  She can be contacted at

Incidentally, there is no cancer in Barbara and John’s family.


Al Meder

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