Water Purity – Why Trust is so Important

It seems today that trust levels are down in all facets of life, sometimes way-down.  One can see this all around us today.  Trust in Government is way down. CNN reported recently that the trust we have in our Government has dropped to an all-time low

And it’s not just at home. Take Greece for example, the citizens are making their voices heard. They simply have little trust in government.  The same can be said of many countries.

The “Madoff Scandal”, where so many people lined up to invest with Bernie Madhoff, only to lose trust totally when his massive fraud was exposed.  Since 2008 the “Banking Sector” has had a major drop in public trust.

Even businesses have a challenge in the area of “trust” from the public. This is a world-wide phenomenon according to Edelman, a public relations firm.

Lets roll the clock back a little more than a year ago to Japan, which had just suffered from its worst natural disaster in memory,  The earthquake and tsunami were bad enough, but to top it off the (near?) meltdown of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant took top place in the news for many weeks. Throughout this period the operators and local government were telling people that there was much less contamination that what there really was.  Over a short period, the Japanese people lost trust in their corporate and government officials (read “Trust Deficit - Worst Fallout of Fukushima”)

In the field of drinking water the same is true. Take for example, Tom’s River, NJ. Tom’s River is a wonderful place on the New Jersey coast. For years a large chemical company operated in a manner that allegedly resulted in highly contaminated drinking water. Despite assurances that the water was OK, consumers knew otherwise.  In 1996 the state revealed an unusually high rate of some childhood cancers in the town and a law suit was filed.  Tom’s River is a designated “cancer cluster” area.

Now bring the clock back to the present. On May 2012 CBS News reported the following

Residents in a New Jersey neighborhood have turned on their faucets of late and been shocked to see a green water mystery waiting for them. CBS 2s Elise Finch spoke with residents of Toms River who are not happy with water flowing from their taps. “The water is green coming out of the tap,” Ed Lefebvre said.

The local water utility and the EPA have assured residents not to be concerned.  But the concern remains, due to lack of trust.

That’s where Pure Water distillers come in.  Pure Water distillers remove virtually all contaminants from the water. In other words Pure Water distillers remove  mistrust.

Distillation is a truly wonderful process that is so very effective.  In a recent study a Pure Water distiller turned sea-water into pristine high purity water. Water that was purer than any city water on earth. And it happens day-in-day out.  (Want to see the lab results?  Email Courtney@pureandsecure.com )

If you use a Pure Water distiller you will join the thousands who have total trust in what they are drinking.  How refreshing in this world of mistrust.

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