Is Arsenic the Worst Chemical in the World?

is arsenic the worst chemical in the world?Wired recently published an article titled, “Is Arsenic the Worst Chemical in the World?”. While there are more potent chemicals, such as dioxin, botulism and many other petrochemicals, there are a number of aspects that make arsenic very dangerous.

  • For one thing, arsenic is naturally occurring and is widespread. Look at the map to see its prevalence throughout the USA.
  • One of the key points of the article is that arsenic is not only dangerous in high doses, but in very low doses. As the researchers put it, they were looking for the “edge of the table”, or in other words the edge at which we see no effect by arsenic. The researchers were not able to find a level at which arsenic didn’t affect people.
  • We have discussed the danger of endocrine disruptors in previous posts. “Other endocrine disruptors work as mimics,” Hamilton says. “They look enough like estrogen to bind to a receptor and turn it on. Arsenic’s different. It affects all five steroid hormone receptors. Nothing else does that.”

They end the story with a recommendation to purify water from a reverse osmosis system, while totally ignoring a high-end water distiller. There is no better way to remove arsenic from your drinking water than by a water distiller. We have third party tests that show our superb record on removing arsenic, and unlike a reverse osmosis system our systems produce consistent, long-term results.

Finally, if you want to see how much arsenic is in your drinking water, click on this link and put your zip code into the box on the right of the page.

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      There is an excellent reason to distill your own water, especially if you live in an area with Arsenic concentrations. Our Pure Water Distillers will remove over 99.9% of arsenic in your tap water to give you the peace of mind that your drinking water is pure and safe.

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