Countertop Water Distillers; “Cheap is too expensive, I can’t afford it.”

I recently wrote an article titled, “DOES IT MATTER?” in which I ask people whether it matters to them that we are the last company in the USA that makes a countertop water distiller (all others are made overseas).

Mini Classic Countertop Water Distiller
Mini Classic Countertop Water Distiller

One of our dealers (Ray Biggs) responded by saying that “cheap is too expensive, I can’t afford it.” It’s a great point Ray! He went on to say, “I used to buy batteries for my motorcycle for $45 they lasted 2 years. I bought one for $130, and it lasted 10 years; do the math. One potential customer was on his 4th brand x distiller (same brand). Some folks will never get it. I used to buy water heaters for $150 that lasted 10 years. I bought one for $250 with a lifetime warranty. I’ve resold used pure water distillers for more than their original purchase price. Keep up the great work!”

So here’s a comparison for you…

  • Their product has either a 90-day or a 1-year warranty, we have a 15 YEAR WARRANTY!
  • Their product is expected to last about 12 to 18 months, ours should last well over 30 YEARS!
  • Theirs is plastic. Ours is heavy-duty stainless steel!
  • Theirs boils dry (which is not good), ours never boils dry.
  • Ours is made in the USA, theirs is made in China.
  • Our product lasts 10 times longer than theirs.

Yes, our countertop water distiller is slightly more expensive, initially. But over time our distiller is MUCH less expensive. So I completely agree with the statement, “cheap is too expensive, I can’t afford it.”

If you want to see our Mini-Classic CT, the only countertop distiller produced in the USA, not to mention the absolute best countertop water distiller on the market, click here (and then scroll down the page).

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    Well, I bought my Midi Classic in 1991. The electrical wiring fried 2 months ago. I could have had it fixed and the unit might have lasted another 21 years. I decided I wanted a new one. I wonder if it will out live me. I was born in 1941!

      Excellent Geoffrey. Don’t throw it away. Get the wiring replaced and sell it or give us a call. Sometimes we fix up old units and resell them or give them away. 21 year old machine is nothing. We’ll fix it up and it will work fine for another 21 years.

    I would like a water distiller for my home & would appreciate info on any useful products you may have . . .

    I have a customer of pure waters that has had his distiller for about 40 years and not ever had a service problem with it–his secret—“keep it Clean” be well

    Our SS-5 has been working fine for 32+ years and only needed some cleaning every six months, one tank gasket, a few cover gaskets, and a repair on the switch for the timer. We recently replaced the condensing coil and it makes about the same amount of water as it did when it was new. It still needs a boiling tank gasket and maybe some minor adjustments to make even more water than it did when new. Can the outlet tube from the condenser be replaced? It is about 4 inches long shaped like a “J” and made of 3/8″ stainless steel tubing. The guy that runs it thinks it is restricting flow. I doubt that it is plugged, but please let me know.

    Hi Glenn, So, I’m interested in a distiller that will last this time. However, how do I find out how to buy?

    SteamPure say there distillation unit was made int he USA too. Who is telling the truth?

      We are actually both telling the truth because the SteamPure is manufactured by us as well. The SteamPure is our second line of countertop distillers. It uses a float system rather than a timer which is optimal for places without consistent power. Both our countertop models are stainless steel though and made right here in Lincoln, NE.

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