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Pure Water DistillersAs a result of our recent article “Does It Matter?” we received some great feedback on our water distillers. People tell us all the time how happy they are with our distillers, but it occurred to us that we haven’t done enough to show testimonials from people like you. So we are asking you (our customers) now to tell us how much you love our products!

In the comment section below, give us some love, so that we may share this love with others! FYI, we may use your testimonials elsewhere on our site. Thanks much!


The Pure Water Team.

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    Oh boy… I could write a book!
    Hmmm, maybe I will, but not here, not yet.

    The very first thought that came to mind why I love Pure Water distillers (owned 1st Midi in 1981 and raised family on distilled water): CONFIDENCE! I know that the only reason it would not be producing clean and safe water is if it stopped producing. It’s either performing as designed or it quit. And even if it quit it was doing what it was suppose to.

    Thanks Kevin. You have demonstrated your passion for our water distillers for years by being a very strong advocate. What better way to “show your love” than by promoting our products to others.

    My wife and I have been on distilled water now since 1977. We drink it, cook with it, bake with it, can with it, water our house plants with it and give it to Squeaker our female Poodle and Hunter, our Tom Cat…..we all love it. We occasionally use it for specail cleaning. All of our children and 7 grandchildren are on it too.
    That makes us very happy as well. One health benefit that I attribute to consuming distilled water is lack of arthritis plus I love the taste!!

    I became a distributor in 1982 and have used the same Midi for over thirty years. I have had to do some repairs on it (still has the original coil). It shines a little more from polishing it. I use a Midi Classic at another house. Says something about the quality.

    I have used distilled water for many years because of kidney stones. Looking at the water quality thats available, it’s well worth the effort even if I never had kidney stones.

    My Daughter gives her three German Shepards and cats distilled water, that’s all they ever had.

    I bought my first Pure Water distiller in 1975 when they units were all manual fill. I had the large unit and the small emergency unit that distilled over a stove or a camp fire. ( I wish I still had that one) I bought the Aqua D 2000 in 1997, sold it in 2007 and bought the new Mega Classic. So, as you can see, Pure Water distillers have been a large part of my family’s life for 37 years. I also have recommended to my health patients over the years that they drink only pure distilled water.
    Dr. Gary Gregg
    Vibrant Life Center for Natural Health

    I have both sold distillers for Pure Water, and have been a customer for 30 years (wish I could maintain a distributorship for less $$$) I really believe in the product, and it’s health benefits. The fact that they are putting flouride in our tap water without our consent should be enough to get anyone to STOP DRINKING TAP WATER! Add trihalomethanes, etc. and you have a toxic coctail for your family to drink – and it’s only going to get worse! Our water company recently DOUBLED the amount of TDS in ppm in our local tap water – terrible! keep up the great work Pure Water – your products ROCK!!!

    I started out with a Midi Clasic, and loved it. I bought a Mega Clasic in 2002, and it sure is nice to have distilled water at the sink! It is fun to freeze a tray of ice with ice cicles protruding from the top of the cube. The water is so pure that as it freezes it pushes the remaining water up making the stalagmite.

    I sold a couple of Fountain Classic units to my work place, and the employees just about drain it every day! They are lost if for some reason it needs service.

    My well water reads at 475ppm TDS. The Mega Classic cleans it up to maybe 1 or 2 ppm. Of course, since the city is injecting surplus treated city water in to the Aquifer I am glad that I have distilled water to drink!

    I want to thank Pure and Secure for making such high quality distillers. I have repaired some very old Distillers, and probably should not continue doing that because the old distillers work so good that I can’t sell a new one to these folks! (Of course it is a good recomendation to sell to another customer that Pure Water Distillers lasf and last!)

      Bill, I know that you have been a long time advocate, and I thank you for that! The main point is that you are taking responsibility for your family’s health.

    Glenn – I hope you are doing well. Courtney just got me on board. I’m still plugging away. Jack

    We love our Maga Classic which pumps highly purified water to our refrigerator, Ice Maker, Cook-top, Kitchen & bathroom sinks. Best yet, it’s pretty carefree as it’s water inlet is on our softened water line & the residue flushing is automatic every time it shuts off. Yes our pets get the same water.

    I received my Mini Classic distiller a week ago. Buckeye Arizona has the worst water in all of Arizona. Had a $3,200 whole house water treatment system that was only 5 months old, removed because it clogged the reverse osmosis filters with grey crud every 2 months. We were supposed to change the $100 filters once a year but after the filters clogged every 2 months and stopped water from being filtered, i decided to check out distillers. I wanted something made in AMERICA and NOT some cheap Chinese crap with plastic that is full of carcinogens. So I paid more for stainless steel with a 15 year warranty from MyPureWater. The sales rep Jim Blakley was very helpful and answered all my questions so i told him to ship me the mini Classic. I distilled my 8th batch of water last night. I keep a gallon chilled for drinking and have converted all my ice cubes to distilled water. No worry for me that distilling removes calcium and zinc and other minerals because i take them in supplement pills daily anyhow.
    When I moved from California to Arizona last summer, I had no idea that Arizona’s water is the same as Mexico’s. A friend in California had chemotherapy for leukemia and she has been drinking only distilled water ever since in order to keep bacteria out of her body since her immune system was reduced to nothing. She has been cancer free for 7 years and still drinks only distilled water. I just had another company come today for a demo for their whole house water purifying system. He tested the tap water and said it’s not fit for human consumption. He wouldn’t even let a pet drink this water. IF I get another whole house treatment system, I will continue distilling. I’m hoping I haven’t already got kidney stones from the crud that has entered my body from the reverse osmosis system. Even the machines that i bought jugs of water from say right on the front here in Arizona, “filtered through reverse osmosis. I wonder how often the filters are changed in those machines. Check the labels on every bottled water in the grocery store except Perrier & Evian and one other brand. Even Arrowhead from a mountain “spring” California says on the label “filtered from a spring by reverse osmosis in California.” When i lived in California, we had great tap water. The first pot of coffee in Arizona tasted like salt water. Arizona needs huge water distilleries to give the people clean water, or the whole population of Arizona should by American made distillers from MyPureWater in Lincoln Nebraska. Keep American jobs in America.

    Yes, we are married. We are totally committed to our health, first and foremost. It was in 2000 that we purchased our first Distiller made by Pure Water. We make 2 to 3 gallons a day. We keep 16 gallons ready at all times. We found 1 gallon green wine bottles in front of someone’s home and brought them home to wash and use. We simply rotate the water every day. We have had power outages lasting 6 hours or more. These gallons of water were our insurance in case of hardship.
    We feed 4 plants with distilled water and they are thriving! Our dog Muffin, 55 lbs, is going to be 21 this year. She is hanging in there. She has all her teeth. We feed her carrots, raw instead of junk treats with sugar and chemicals. We offer her the well water versus the distilled and she always drinks the distilled.
    Like everyone here, we use it for all of our cooking. All of our homemade drinks and teas. We each drink at least 1/2 gallon of straight water per day. I, Art am 135 lbs, 5’8″ and 58 yrs young. Cindy is 105 lbs, 5’6″ and 51 yrs young. We really feel great. We eat mostly starches, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. No milk or dairy of any sort.
    We do believe that our distilled water is a tool to help our body to keep itself clean and balanced, just the way it was intended to be!
    Thank you to the team at Pure Water!

    I love my Mini Classic II water distiller! I’ve distilled water for drinking and cooking for 30 years. I wouldn’t drink anything else and my six cats prefer it as well. I even bring my water to work or on trips with me. I started with the plastic distillers and used them for a while before switching to the stainless steel Mini Classic II. Those plastic distillers didn’t last and you couldn’t fix them when a problem occurred. I love being able to come to this website and buy parts to fix my distiller. Too many things we buy today can’t be fixed and throwing them away is the only option. Thank you for a great product!

      Thank you Jan for taking the time to write a testimonial. We’re glad to hear that you are enjoying your distiller! We have very high standards when it comes to the quality of our distillers and the purity of water they produce. It’s always great to hear that it makes a noticeable difference to our customers! We wish you many years of enjoying freshly distilled water!

    For years I drank bottled distilled water, i had no idea distillers for home use existed until a month ago.

    Yesterday I drank my first glass from a Midi Still D and there is a definite taste or lack of taste in the water.

    I have always wondered if bottled distilled water is 100% , it doesn’t have to be in order to claim it to be distilled.
    It is also supposed to be ozonated, yet the litmus test shows a 5PH.

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