We are Proud to be a Part of the "American Made Matters" Movement!

A few weeks ago we asked the question, "Does it matter that our products are made in the USA?". And, "Does it matter that we are the last US-based manufacturer of countertop water distillers?" The answer from you was, YES, it matters. The thing is, we knew the answer. Of course there will be some people out there that will answer no, but it matters to us that we manufacture in the USA.

I have to say, it's been difficult. The pressures to move overseas were intense. Profit margins became tight, and for a long time it seemed like people didn't care and were fine with purchasing lower quality products from overseas. But I think times have changed again. I think people are seeing beyond just the short-term price tag. They see that a quality product is much less expensive in the long-term. They see that by purchasing from the US, we help people in the US.

In an effort to show our support for US-Manufacturers we have joined the American Made Matters! movement. This is a value that we believe in an have lived and breathed for four decades. I urge you to support the movement yourself by following them, "liking" them on Facebook and telling your friends.


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    We have purchased and used Pure Water distillers for about the past 35 years. We also have had a dealership for many years until retiring and moving. We have been very happy with Pure Water and their quality distillers. Dealing with the company in any case is enjoyable, the personal have been friendly and helpful. We are happy to see you are still manufacturing distillers in the good ole U.S.A.

    Yours for drinking pure water,
    Tom and Joan Brewster

    I wanted to some one will make contect with me , I would like use Water distiler of your company in my a project.

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