Japan plans to release Radioactive Water into the Ocean

Japan plans to release Radioactive Water into the Ocean

A Problem For The World

The Telegraph reports that "Water that the Japanese government is planning to release into the Pacific Ocean from the crippled Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant contains radioactive material well above legally permitted levels, according to the plant's operator and documents seen by The Telegraph." (emphasis added)

“The government is running out of space to store contaminated water that has come into contact with fuel that escaped from three nuclear reactors after the plant was destroyed in the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami that struck north-east Japan,” the report stated.

“Its plan to release the approximately 1.09 million tons of water currently stored in 900 tanks into the Pacific has triggered a fierce backlash from local residents and environmental organizations, as well as groups in South Korea and Taiwan fearful that radioactivity from the second-worst nuclear disaster in history might wash up on their shores,” it continued.

What This Means For You?

Radioactive iodine, ruthenium, rhodium, antimony, tellurium, cobalt, and strontium could be entering your water supply or food. Depending on where you live and what food you eat, this problem could affect you sooner rather than later.

This radioactive cocktail is dangerous. For example, The Telegraph reports "Iodine 129 has a half-life of 15.7 million years and can cause cancer of the thyroid; ruthenium 106 is produced by nuclear fission and high doses can be toxic and carcinogenic when ingested."

Read more about the dangers of radiation in water here.

So what can you do? Protect yourself from radiation in your water using a Pure Water distiller, and monitor where your food is coming from.

Pure Water Can Help

Do our premium water distillers remove radioactive contaminants from water? A third-party lab test from 2005 that shows the impressive results of a Pure Water distiller removing uranium from water:

Here is the before test.

Here is the after test.

The before test shows that there were 40.5 pCi/L of uranium present in the water. That's with an error margin of +/- 3.19%. The after test result was 0 pCi/L present with an error margin of +/- 0.562%.

Radioactive testing is a little bit different because it isn’t a measure of mass like mg/L (ppm). The measurement pCi/L stands for pycocuries per liter. A pycocurie is a measure of the decay rate of two atoms of the contaminant. Convert this to mg/L using the atomic weight of the element, and you'll see it comes out to be a scientific number that isn’t a very good comparison (7.32 x 10^-12 ppm).

The results show very effective removal of uranium. 


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