EPA Says Unsafe Drinking Water is Biggest Environmental Threat

EPA Says Unsafe Drinking Water is Biggest Environmental Threat

The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) administrator Andrew Wheeler believes that unsafe drinking water is the biggest environmental threat that the world faces today.

Speaking to CBS News, to mark World Water Day, Wheeler said "A lack of access to clean water is a more pressing concern than climate change... The effects of climate change are down the road 75 years in comparison."

He estimated that "We have 1,000 children dying every day worldwide because they don't have safe drinking water." He enumerated some of the main issues: threats to our global water infrastructure, unsafe drinking water, plastic pollution in the oceans, and droughts. He says these are "the largest and most immediate environmental and public health issues affecting the world right now."

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that at least two billion people get water from a source contaminated with feces. "That's a crisis I think we can solve. We know what goes into solving a crisis like that," Wheeler said.

We at Pure Water need to share with Mr. Wheeler that distillation produces the purest drinking water possible, and we are willing (and more than happy to help) in solving this crisis.


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    Water is the basic element of life even an adult human body is 60% water. We need water to keep ourselves alive. We can not live without water.

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