Bill Baer

I started out with a Midi Classic, and loved it. I bought a Mega Classic in 2002, and it sure is nice to have distilled water at the sink! It is fun to freeze a tray of ice with ice icicles protruding from the top of the cube. The water is so pure that as […]


Who needs soda when you can have Pure Water? I bought our Mini-Classic 8 years ago and have been distilling water ever since. It is an absolutely fantastic machine and produces the highest quality water available. It also saves a ton of money since we don’t have to buy ‘bottled water’ although to be honest […]

Jimmie Berry

My Pure Water Mini-Classic CT is a work horse. It goes day and night to provide all the clean water I need. The only thing I would exchange this small home unit for is a larger one, however, that isn’t an option for me as I don’t have a convenient place to put a larger […]

Bob G.

I have both sold distillers for Pure Water, and have been a customer for 30 years. I really believe in the product, and it’s health benefits. The fact that they are putting fluoride in our tap water without our consent should be enough to get anyone to STOP DRINKING TAP WATER! Add trihalomethanes, etc. and […]

Gary Gregg

I bought my first Pure Water distiller in 1975 when they units were all manual fill. I had the large unit and the small emergency unit that distilled over a stove or a camp fire. ( I wish I still had that one) I bought the Aqua D 2000 in 1997, sold it in 2007 […]


I’ve owned the mini classic pure water distiller for about 2 years now and still love it a lot. I run it everyday, sometimes twice a day and its still working great. I love the design of this model and it only touches glass after its done………no plastic. That a pretty big deal with distilled […]

Dick Karschner

Thanks for your email.  I live in PA and I have owned a Pure Water Fountain since 1979.  It is still running strong and I would recommend your products to anyone willing to listen.

Rolf Mueller

We own a Mini Classic for over 10 years and are using it every day 2 – 3 times. All we drink and cook with is using distilled water from the Mini Classic. It was one of the best investments made ever. My compliments to an honest and professional company which makes a superior product, […]

Vondi Forrester

I started distilling water on November 7, 2008 with my beloved Mini-Classic II and keep around 24 gallons on hand. I change out the carbon filter and descale the tank after 30 distillings and the water tastes great! Most of all, I love the fact that this wonderful distiller is still made in the U.S.A.


We bought our Aqua D Distiller in 1982 and it still looks and runs like new! Once you start drinking distilled water on a regular basis, tap water tastes like pure clorine. Our Pure Water Distiller has never required a repair in 31 years. I was in need of more Lumen cleaner and decided to […]