Got my Mini Classic II a few years ago. Love its simplicity and reliability. Quiet humming in the background makes it possible to run it in my yoga studio. Easy to fill and descale once every three months or so. Thank you all who make this machine. My water is safe because of you. I […]

Robert Bowers

thank you very much for your personal note to us. It meant the world to us and makes me feel and know I picked the right company to do business with. That was very thoughtful and we appreciate it very, very much. We will be placing another order in the future and look forward to […]

Penny L. Rains

I recently purchased the Mini Classic CT. I have had other counter top distillers but specifically choose your product because it is all stainless steel and glass PLUS the fact it is made in America. I immediately noticed an improved taste in the water from this distiller compared to my other model, which has plastic […]

Jack Fairfull

I started drinking distilled water (while aboard ship in the US Navy) in 1952. I drink distilled water to this day. My distiller is manufactured by PURE & SECURE of Lincoln, NE, USA. I feel like I’m 35 and I will become 81 years on 9-8-2011.


Recently I bought one of your Mini Classic IIs and I already think it’s great! The quality of your product deserves to be shared. Thank you,

Tom and Joan Brewster

We have purchased and used Pure Water distillers for about the past 35 years. We also have had a dealership with the company for many years until retiring and moving to another state. We have been very happy with Pure Water and their quality distillers. Dealing with Pure Water in any case has been enjoyable, […]

German Moreno

I think and believe that the best way to help people is to teach them the truth, And the truth is that the purest water in this world is the distilled water. I am a Biologist ,I studied at the University of Nuevo Leon, Mexico and as a scientist I always look for news in […]

Dale Rush

Reflecting on this appliance (stainless steel) I purchased (and shared with others) #40 some years ago and it’s still operating perfectly creating safe,clean water here in our home !! The Ice Cubes are clear and the beverages all have TASTE close to what they are suppose to – Thank you Dr. James Caviezel, DC (Mt. […]