The Plague of Plastic Bottles

Every day Americans throw away over 60 million bottles of water! That’s more than 22 billion bottles a year, added on to the previous year’s waste, and the previous years, etc.

There are many people that say we should just drink tap water, because it’s safe. I totally disagree. Look at the news every day and you are sure to see an article about toxic water contamination or a story about how people have been drinking toxic water for twenty years without knowing it. Oh and by the way they didn’t find the toxins until a lot of people started getting cancer.

We’ve also done articles on how wrong it is that the government is providing safe drinking water. Yes, they usually provide water that meets the legal definition of safe, but that doesn’t mean that the water’s safe – as in English language definition of the word safe!

The desire for pure, clean and safe water is right. It’s our responsibility to protect ourselves and our family’s health. This fact is clear when you realize that the government isn’t protecting us and simply isn’t able to protect us.

Filters don’t do a good enough job and they also cause endless waste. Reverse osmosis systems also do a sub-par job and they literally waste tons of water a month. So what can you do to protect yourself and be a responsible steward of the environment?

A Pure Water Distiller provides a good balance between being truly effective and environmentally responsible. First, our water distillers are not throw away, cheap appliances. Our systems last, and last, and last. We have a fifteen year warranty. Many of our appliances are well over 30 years old and they could last another 30 years if properly taken care of. Second, our distillers waste virtually zero water.

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    Hello Glenn, good job! Getting the message out is a challenge you are apparently up to. Keep up the good work.

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