Introducing the Watercology Video

Introducing the Watercology Video

Thanks for watching our new video. Our goal is to make people aware of the significant changes that we humans have made to our environment and to show how these changes are coming back to bite us. It’s not easy to create a powerful video that educates while keeping the viewer’s interest. I hope you think that we’ve done a good job. We’d love it if you would share it with your friends and loved ones.

For 40 years our message has remained very simple; we believe that it’s vitally important to consume only pure water. We believe that most people don’t understand how radically we have changed our environment in such a short time. Nor do most people understand how these manmade toxins can make their way into our bodies and affect our health. Water is just one of the ways that these toxins gain access to our bodies, but nothing is more fundamental than water.

Our business is to make premium water distillers that allow people to protect themselves from these chemicals. Some will say that this financial motive weakens our message, but I say that we are doing what we believe in. We could have made much more money over the years by selling the cheap filters and reverse osmosis systems that you see everywhere. Instead, we have stayed committed to only making the best hand-crafted appliances. We are passionate about what we do.

I invite you to please contribute to this discussion. If you write a blog and what you see here inspires you, then write about us or link to us. We appreciate it!

Thank you.

Glenn Meder, Director – Strategic Planning

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    Hi Glenn,

    I think your video is good, but a little fast in places. I may be a slow reader, but some places did get past me too fast to comprehend the message. Over all I think the message does get through–it is just nice to have time to see what each part has to say.

    Thanks for the good advances you are making in sales and promotions.

    Bill–Blue Mountain Pure Water

      Thanks Bill. It’s a hard balance to find a speed that keeps people’s attention, yet is slow enough to let the points sink in. There’s no right speed for everyone, but that’s just a reason to watch it again! 😉

    Great “wake up” video!. Solid use of statistics to drive the message. It does keep you engaged.

    Really makes you think about where we have been, where we are and where we are going as it relates to water – a vital source of life. Well done!

    Pure Water what a nice words, you are right about it. But distilled water can be dangerous too bz if you eliminate all the minerals how the body can survive.

      Your body does indeed need minerals; specifically, ORGANIC minerals (the ones containing carbon) found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc.
      Your body cannot utilize the INORGANIC minerals (toxins) absorbed in water. Distilled water aids the body in removal of body toxins.
      Water (H2O) has only two functions in the body: carrying nutrients (from food) to nourish cells and carrying cell waste from cells for elimination. It takes only 2 atoms of hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen to create a molecule of pure water to accomplish these two tasks.

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