Distilled Water for AIDS

While we put articles up every day about the vital need for everybody to put only pure water into their bodies, we would be amiss not to point out the special vulnerability of people with compromised immune systems. Something that is simply an irritant, such as a stomach bug, for healthy people may be especially dangerous for someone with AIDS.

Take the 1993 outbreak of cryptosporidium in Milwaukee for example. Cryptosporidium got into the water supply and made over 400,000 people sick. People with suppressed immune systems accounted for 66% of the people hospitalized during this outbreak and they incurred five times the cost than people with no underlying condition (source). Because of the size of this outbreak it was studied extensively, which make this example strong evidence for AIDS patients to ALWAYS use a water distiller.

Here are some things that you don’t hear about very often…

  • The officials didn’t know the water was contaminated for weeks.
  • People kept drinking the water even after they got sick.
  • Even after people were hospitalized, the patients kept drinking the water.
  • It wasn’t until a doctor noticed the huge number of illnesses that they started working backwards and eventually figured out the problem.
  • Filters and reverse osmosis systems would not necessarily have protected you.
  • One of the only ways that you would have ensured your safety was to be in the habit of only drinking distilled water by having a water distiller in your home. Water distillers are effective because they boil the water and separate only the pure water vapor.

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