Is your water radioactive? Part 2

Yesterday we posted an amazing video about radioactive contaminants in your water. This video was just one part of a larger investigation. Here’s a link to the rest of their articles.

Part I: Radiation in your tap water

Part 2: State 'lowballs' radiation scores in water

Part 3: Radiation in tap water: Long history of contamination

Part 4: Residents of Houston neighborhood concerned about cancers, radioactive water

Part 5: I-Team: Draft of federal report finds radiation widespread in Houston water

Part 6: I-Team: City of Houston shuts down two radioactive water wells

Part 7: Radiation in Water: Council members call for stricter standards than EPA

Part 8: I-Team: EPA underreports radiation in America's drinking water supplies

Hat’s off to this team of investigative journalists in Houston!

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    Glenn, thank you for all those links…..a lot of food for thought!!!

    Thomas Ryan, Galway, Ireland.

      Yes, there is so much information out there on this subject that you’d think it would be common knowledge, but it’s not. That’s what we are trying to do – get people to realize and care what goes into their bodies!

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