Grateful for Pure Water

July 12 was a momentous day for me as I reached the big “70”. I can’t believe how fast life goes by. During these past 7 decades  I’ve been very fortunate.  I’ve done things that were beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve got a wonderful family and we’ve seen the world together. And here at Pure & Secure I’m truly blessed to work with a group of super people who are so dedicated. This goes for all the Pure Water team wherever you might be in the world. Thanks so much.

I can say this with all honesty. Everyone here believes in our cause - our mission to improve the quality of life for as many people as we can through the quality of water. We have already made great strides. But the best is yet to come.

I’ve got friends who are long retired and playing golf daily. Some are bored with retirement. Not me. I’m still so excited about what we do and what we have planned for the future I can’t wait for the new day to start.

All of us here have a great zeal for distillation. We are all totally sold on it. Why not be? We work day to day with the wonderful purification process that provides virtually pure water regardless of the nature of the contaminants. Whether it’s the inorganic contaminants such as nitrates, arsenic, lead and mercury,  or pesticides, or dangerous biological contaminants like E.Coli or Cholera, distillation takes care of all of them without you knowing what’s in the water in the first place.

Recently the world has seen the devastation at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan. Even today it continues to spew out dangerous radiation such as cesium into the atmosphere and surrounding waters. The problem with cesium and other radioactive contaminants is they can’t be seen or smelled and they will be in their dangerous decaying state for many, many years. Their radioactivity has been connected to cancer and other diseases. Well, do you know, the University of Nebraska recently concluded an evaluation of one of our distillers and found cesium removal at 99.8%!!!

We believe everyone should have a distiller. It’s the “peace of mind” that we all need in this harried world.

As for me, I’ll be on the nationally-syndicated Doug Rye radio show this Saturday, so listen in if you get a chance. Our team here has many exciting plans for the future.  So “stay tuned” so to speak.

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    Congratulations Al on your 70th!!!
    I’m only a few years behind you but hope to still have your interest in distillation (for the good of all) when I reach 70.
    Good luck with the radio show – unfortunately not able to get it here in Vancouver area, so will look forward to hearing how it went on the website.

    Regards – Ed

    you have what every business should have—integrity at the top–keep it going–love denny

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