Pure Water on the Doug Rye Radio Show!

This Saturday, July 16th, Pure & Secure CEO Al Meder will join Doug Rye on his nationally-syndicated radio show at 9AM Central Time. Doug has been an advocate of distilled water and Pure Water distillers for many years. He and Al will be discussing the advantages of Pure Water distillers and taking questions from listeners. For more information about Doug’s show please visit www.dougrye.com. The show will be streamed online through WCCI Radio in Savannah, IL at: http://www.wcciradio.com/Rye.html or you can find a list of radio stations that will be streaming the show online at: www.streamingradioguide.com. We hope you can tune in to a local syndicate in your area or listen online as our products are discussed with a national audience.

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    My local station carries Doug Rye live on Sat mornings but also streams it online. Other stations rebroadcast throughout the week so check list of stations online or contact Doug Rye at his office. He will personally respond to calls

      Yes, hello, I am wanting to purchase a distilled water machine for my home. I do use alot of water for different things .I would like to be able to have about 3 gallons per day. But I’m confused on which one is the best one . Some of the features, of one was what I wanted and then some of the others sounded like I need it. Is there one that has it all for a good price.? I have heard that the right kind of distilled water can reverse arthritis, is this true ,do u know? Thank you for your help . Sherry

        Sherry, sounds like you would do well with a counter top model that you fill manually or a small automatic distiller that automatically fills itself and you draw water from as you need it. If you would like, give us a call at (800) 875-5915 ext. 110 and we can go over the different options of distillers we have and what would work best for your needs and budget.

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