The Superiority of Distillation

Distillation duplicates nature’s hydrologic cycle, which is the source of all fresh water on the planet. Here’s how it works; the Sun heats up the contaminated ocean water and some of the water evaporates. When the water changes from a liquid to a vapor it let’s go of the contaminants, so water vapor is very pure water. So the water vapor rises and then condenses into clouds. The clouds move inland and then they cool down and your get rain. As long as there is no air pollution, rain is very pure water.

Distillation does the same thing. We take your contaminated tap water, add heat to it and get evaporation. Then we separate this pure steam and cool it back down into high-purity distilled water. This process produces consistently pure water for the life of the machine.

Why Is Steam-Distilled Water The Only Type Of Water You Should Consume?

Steam-distillation is recognized as the gold-standard for purity for consumable water. Steam-distillation produces high-purity water on a consistent basis, and is the only process that can provide absolute peace of mind. Here’s why...

  • Steam-distillation exactly duplicates nature’s hydrologic cycle. This endless cycle of evaporation, condensation and precipitation is what creates fresh water on the Earth, and is fundamental to our survival.
  • Steam-distillation is the only water treatment process that actually boils the water, which is the single most effective way to kill waterborne bacteria, viruses and parasites.
  • Steam-distillation not only boils the water, but it then separates the pure steam and cools it down into a separate container. Steam is extremely pure because it leaves the contaminants behind in the boiling tank, which are then flushed down the drain.
  • Steam-distillation produces consistent results over time. What matters is results, and you absolutely cannot beat the quality, consistency, and broad spectrum removal of a Pure Water Steam-Distillation System.
  • Steam-distilled water is used and recommended by top doctors and nutritionists around the world.

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