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    well lets start off with it will be the best purchase of a life time now that might sound heavy handed but please read on to find my basis for this claim first of all ive had the same machine for some twenty odd years now and never a single problem ever how many things can you say that about it has so many unforseen uses that it again was the best thing ive done for myself on many levels so let me get into the story that you can feel free to look up yourself if you so desire in 1993 in milwaukee wi a nasty little guy called Cryptosporidiosis appeared as an outbreak in the water supply 400.000 people became infected and had some not so nice things start to happen to them some 100 people died from this outbreak and has been called one of the largest waterborne out breaks in the united states now with this said and me having one of the distillers i had never became ill during the outbreak and was fine during the whole thing with that being the case i refer back to my claim of it being the best thing ive done for myself as i was not one of the 100 dead or 400.000 that became ill do yourself the favor of buying one of these distillers and never look back i have been happy with my purchase in so many ways if your thinking about the safety of your water you have to go no further then pure water let me end with my last bit of advice ‘ JUST DO IT ‘

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