What Size of Water Distiller Do You Need?

What Size of Water Distiller Do You Need?

You know that you and your family deserve fresh, vapor-distilled water. After all, the quantity and quality of water that we drink can deeply improve our health and well-being.

If you're unsure what size of water distiller to get, our handy guide can help.

Selecting the Right Size of Distiller

Drinking distilled water is the best! Assuming you already decided that you want to improve the quality of the water that you consume and that you want to embrace the most sensible and economical solution for yourself and your family, the next step is to decide how much water you need.

How to Pick The Right Size Water Distiller

Do you only need a little bit each day? Then a counter top unit might make sense. Do you need large amounts or do you want more convenience? Then it makes sense to consider an automatic water distiller for your home.

In choosing the right size distiller, you must first determine how much pure water your family will need per day.  Assume that you will use pure distilled water not only for drinking, but also for a variety of other consumptive uses. This includes: making coffee and tea, reconstitution of various juices, making baby formula, cooking foods like pasta and soup, delicious ice, for baking, for canning and any other consumptive needs. 

Do you carry a water bottle with you?  Fill it up with your own distilled water and enjoy the clean pure taste.  Pack your child’s lunch or send them to school with their own water as well.  Most people drink more water, and enjoy water more, when it is clean, distilled water. 

Don’t forget about your pets!  They deserve safe, healthy water too.

As a general rule of thumb, estimate that you’ll need 2 gallons of distilled water per person per day. This ought to cover consumptive use, but it’s also good to have extra distilled water on reserve for sharing with others or for any time that you are without power. 

Non-consumptive uses of distilled water include: washing and rinsing hair (you might wish to warm the distilled water up first), brushing teeth, washing delicate clothing or other cloth items such as carpet or upholstery, filling steam irons or humidifiers, watering house plants, restoring furniture or fine antiques, replacement water for car and truck radiators, adding water to CPAP machines… and the list goes on.

So how many gallons of distilled water do you need?

These considerations can bring the total amount of distilled water needed to more gallons than you originally thought.  Many people buy a small distiller and then realize it’s too small for their needs or that it’s too much of a hassle to fill every day.

However, if you don’t need a lot of distilled water (maybe just enough for one or two people) or if you have limited space (for example, inside an RV), manual distillers may be a better fit. 

The Benefits of Pure Water’s Automatic Water Distillers

If you want the best water AND convenience, an automatic Pure Water distiller is great for your home. 

Automatic distillers make more water, faster. 

Because they have higher wattage on the heating elements, these distillers complete the distillation cycle in a shorter amount of time. Plus, you almost never have to worry running out because you forgot to make a batch. These automatically fill their storage tanks when you start to run low.

Automatic water distillers use slightly less electricity. 

The smaller, manual countertop water distillers require slightly more electrical energy to produce distilled water due to the reoccurring need to heat the batches of tap water in the boiling tank to its boiling temperature.

Automatic water distillers ensure you have water on hand. 

Our larger distillers use a float system in the holding tank. This means they sense when the distilled water supply is low, and start distilling more on their own. So convenient!  

Essentially, automatic water distillers provide water on demand, while manual distillers must be filled by hand much like a coffee machine. Manual distillers require you to remember to make additional batches of distilled water before running out. Automatic distillers provide a convenient way to ensure your family is drinking pure water.

Automatic distillers can be plumbed to faucets or ice makers. 

Because you can plumb the distilled water from the distiller to a dedicated faucet and/or ice maker, this gives you more choices for where to put your distiller. You can keep it in the basement, laundry room, or possibly even your garage (depending on the climate where you live).

By installing it in a remote location, you keep the distiller out of your living space and free up space in your kitchen.

All you need to do is add a pump kit to the Midi Classic. The Mega Classic already has a pump built in! By doing this, you'll get freshly distilled water "on tap" at your kitchen sink. You can also pump it through your refrigerator so that it dispenses cold or to automatically make pure distilled ice cubes.

Automatic distillers can make maintenance even easier.

With a countertop distiller like the Mini Classic CT, you have to dump out leftover water that's riddled with contaminants. But with the Midi Classic, it's as easy as turning a drain valve. The Mega Classic automatically drains the boiling tank when it's done distilling. This is a significant feature

You'll still need to monitor the boiling tank and clean it when scale starts to build up. You'll also need to change the filters periodically. But the drain valves help make your regular maintenance a breeze.

The Benefits of Pure Water’s Manual Water Distillers

The size of manual water distillers means they can fit into almost any living space!

Manual water distillers might be all you need.

If you're living by yourself and you don't mind filling the boiling tank, then a manual, countertop water distiller might be all you need. Save money, and still drink fresh, distilled water.

Likewise, if you're only using distilled water for things like nasal rinses or enemas, you may not need a large amount. (Although we recommend only drinking pure, fresh, distilled water, we recognize that not everyone does.)

Manual water distillers don't need to be hooked up to a water line.

If you live in an apartment or any rented space, getting permission to tap into a water line or install a larger automatic unit can be difficult. Manual countertop water distillers in a stylish stainless steel look great in your kitchen, and save you the hassle of installation.

Manual water distillers are more portable.

Do you want to take you water distiller with you? Maybe you have an RV with limited space. Or maybe you have a second home that you visit for extended periods of time. The countertop units fit in with your lifestyle, and they can be transported much more easily than the automatic units.

So what size of water distiller is the right option for you?

Although bigger is not always better, a larger automatic water distiller can make life easier. This makes a lot of sense for many of our customers, especially those with families or those who like the convenience of pure water on demand. 

If you have any questions about which size of water distiller is the right one for you, please call us at 1.800.875.5915 to talk to a water specialist or email us at info@mypurewater.com. Thanks!

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