Protection from toxic red sludge

Here’s our perspective on the latest environmental disaster to strike. 35 MILLION CUBIC FEET of toxic red sludge is flowing into the 1,775 mile long Danube River in Hungary. Three towns have not only been evacuated, but they’ve been “written off”. People won’t live there again.

This toxic sludge may affect many people in six countries of Europe. You will notice in this article that government officials are trying to downplay this by saying that it won’t be too bad. This is their natural response, primarily because they simply are unequipped to handle such a disaster. Remember, their perspective is to think in terms of infrastructure. The thought process of government officials and water management personnel is to think about the central processing plant. They also don’t think about purifying the water, but they think about minimizing the risk.

This is why we encourage people to realize that they are responsible for ensuring that their water is as pure as possible. Governments could also benefit with a change in perspective. A simpler, less expensive and more immediate fix for such problems is to not worry as much about the central processing plant and to put more focus on point-of-use water purification systems for consumable water. These systems would be located in someone’s home and would purify water to much higher levels than a central process plant can achieve. Remember that only about 2% of water that is sent through pipes is used for consumption.

The other perspective that needs to change is the reliance upon filters. Filters, such as reverse osmosis systems simply cannot protect people from a full range of contaminants that can be in water and they are too dependent upon the users to change the filters. Our premium water distillers are the single best water purification systems available for the full range of possible contaminants. They produce consistently pure water and do not rely on filters.

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