Pure Water Distillers

Residential Distillers

Distillers are sold to homeowners to provide quality water for drinking, cooking, beverages, ice cubes, pets, steam irons, aquariums, and house plants. In some instances, distilled water is used for personal hygiene and even bathing.

Commercial Distillers

Businesses such as restaurants, office buildings, and motels buy distillers to provide water for drinking, ice cubes, food preparation, humidifiers, cleaning of electronic equipment, and watering of office plants.

Industrial Distillers

Distilled water has many industrial applications. It is used in factories and processing plants for boilers, food processing, pharmaceutical production, printing, photography, electroplating, and production of electronic products.

Institutional Distillers

Schools, hospitals, and nursing homes use distilled water for drinking water, food preparation, analytical chemistry needs, medical testing, and preparation medicines.

Pure Water Testimonials

We have a gravity feed purifier with filter “candles”. It works great, but the candles always get stopped up in winter and a new set costs upward of $170. We use the water primarily for drinking and keeping my wife’s marine aquarium topped off. We purchased a Model PD three weeks ago and, WOW!, is it an amazing unit. Because no more candles need bought, this unit is going to save us a ton of money and it is a real workhorse. We are very pleased with not only the performance, but the design and construction are top shelf, too. Great design and so easy to operate.

My compliments to an honest and professional company which makes a superior product, has outstanding service and the most excellent people to deal with. I have recommended your company to various friends in the past and will continue to do so.

I bought our Mini-Classic 8 years ago and have been distilling water ever since. It is an absolutely fantastic machine and produces the highest quality water available. It also saves a ton of money since we don’t have to buy ‘bottled water’ although to be honest I wouldn’t drink that stuff anyway since I don’t trust the plastic that it is bottled in.

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