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The Pure Water Mini-Classic Countertop Water Distiller is compact and produces high-purity, great-tasting distilled water in the comfort of your home.


The Pure Water Brand Mini-Classic CT™ Countertop Water Distiller is a compact and produces high-purity, great-tasting distilled water. A removable boiling tank allows for easy filling and cleaning. With a capacity of approximately 3 liters per three and one-half hour cycle, this manually filled electric water distiller is perfect for a single user, renters or a small family. It’s also perfect for use in a camper or RV, or taken to a second home for distilled water enjoyment away from home. No installation required. Requires no water line hookup! This is our smallest electric water distiller.

Steam-Powered Purity!

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Water Distiller Lab Test Results

NOTE: Please call 1-800-875-5915 to order 220V or 240V CT Water Distillers

Manual: Pure Water Mini Classic CT


item#: 46998
width: 13.75” (35 cm)
depth: 9.875” (25 cm)
height: 15.75” (40 cm)
shipping weight: 32 lbs. (14.5 kg)
machine weight: 24 lbs. (11 kg)
current draw (120V): 6.9 amps
current draw (240V): 3.5 amps
total wattage: 800 watts


Included with each Mini-Classic CT™ Countertop Water Distiller is a one-gallon, glass container. This handy dispenser comes with a handle and pour-through lid, and is used to collect the distilled water. It’s a perfect fit in your refrigerator. Additional glass jars are available.

Quality Construction

The Pure Water Mini-Classic CT™ Countertop Water Distiller is constructed of top-quality, stainless steel to provide years of dependable service with minimum maintenance. It is air cooled and equipped with a unique timer to stop automatically at the end of each distilling cycle. The unit has continuous self-sterilization when in operation and is equipped with a removable boiling tank for easy filling and cleaning. A safety shut-off switch turns the unit off should it ever overheat. The unit stores neatly on a countertop for your convenience. While in operation, the top of the unit should be clear of any obstruction to allow for proper air circulation. Each Pure Water distiller is designed with purity vents to allow the organic and inorganic compounds to escape. Additionally, an activated carbon post filter is included to aid in the removal of any gaseous carryover and to improve taste. The filter pillow is housed in a stainless steel filter tray, so your distilled water never comes into contact with plastic.

Steam Distillation & The Hydrologic Cycle

Just as Mother Nature takes ocean water and makes pure, rainwater, a Pure Water electric distiller duplicates the Hydrologic Cycle inside this appliance. Regular tap water is poured into the boiling tank.
A heating element boils the contaminated water and the steam rises.
The steam passes into the condensing coil, and the impurities are left behind.
A fan cools the steam and converts it to water — pure, distilled water.
A glass storage container holds one gallon of distilled drinking water and is dispensed through the pour-through lid.

How to Select the Right Countertop Water Distiller

There are plenty of countertop water distillers on the market today, but which one is right for you?  Are those cheap plastic distillers going to last?  Are they going to provide high quality distilled water for years to come or will they end up in a landfill?  Can it be repaired for many years of healthy use?  These are just a few of the questions you should be asking yourself when considering the purchase of a water distiller for your home.

We aren't shy to say that our electric water distillers are simply the best on the market.  They are made from durable stainless steel right here in the U.S.A.  These distillers aren't meant to be thrown away after a year or two.  Our products will last for years and we carry parts for discontinued models.  We are dedicated to helping you and your family to enjoy the cleanest purified water available, which is distilled water!

Water Distiller Checklist for the Mini Classic CT

Competition Pure Water Brands
304-grade Stainless Steel x
Replaceable Parts x
Affordable Repair Center x
Post Carbon Filter Sewn (not glued) in our Factory in Nebraska x
Made in the U.S.A. x
15 Year Limited Warranty x
Long Lasting x
Been in Business Nearly 50 Years x
Does Not Boil Tank Dry (wears out distiller faster & may produce lower quality water) x
Self Sterilizes  x
Removable Boiling Tank x
Easy to Use x
Includes 1 Gallon Glass Jar with Pour Lid x
Safety Shut Off x
Provides Distillers for Embassies, the Military, Hospitals, Schools & Homeowners! x
Nearly 1 Gallon of Water in 3.5 Hours x
3rd Party Inspection On All Units x
Each Unit Tested Before Leaving the Factory x

When deciding which brand to buy, consider the checklist above.  One big problem with some of the cheaper models is that the tanks boil dry.  This means that the unit essentially overheats every time.  Our models leave a little water behind in the boiling tank to protect the heating element from wearing out and overheating.  Many less expensive models will also rust with time, while ours will not.  Some other models come with a small post carbon filter perhaps the size of a teabag, are imported or even glued.  Why reintroduce contaminants to your water after it has been distilled? Our post filters are over 3 inches in diameter and are hand sewn in our factory in Nebraska for amazing results.

Take some time to read reviews of the competition and you will find that their distillers tend to last just a few years.  Also, people say that they have to clean their distiller after nearly every use to get good tasting water.  Cheaper stainless steel is used instead of the 304 stainless steel that we use.  Many also say that the water from less expensive units tastes like the machine.  Additionally, people complain about how loud these distillers are.

Pure Water Brand Distillers are made by skilled craftsmen who care about the quality of the products that they make.  We want your family to enjoy distilled water as much as our families do.  We take the time to make a product that we can be proud of and that will last for years providing you and your loved ones with healthy clean water.  It's true that our countertop water distiller costs $200 - $400 more than the cheaper imported models.  However, they will last much longer, be easier to maintain, and provide you with higher purity water.

In the long run, you will save money by investing in a Pure Water Brand distiller, not to mention save the environment from countless cheap distillers ending up in landfills.

Additional Information

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 18 x 21 in

4 reviews for Mini Classic CT Countertop Water Distiller 120V

  1. Best product!

    5 out of 5
  2. Love my Mini Classic. I had some problems with it not starting but Pure and Secure sent me an updated part which I easily installed and I’m back in business. One minor issue is the strong smell of chlorine. I thought distilling water removed all chlorine. All that’s needed is a carbon filter but I’m having difficulty finding a filter that you can use without having to use a carbon pour-through filter which put minerals back into the water. I use distilled water in my medical equipment and I can’t tolerate water with dissolved solids. I will update this post when I find a suitable solution.

    5 out of 5
    • Hello Jerald,
      If you have a strong chlorine component to your water but don’t want to use the post filter with the Mini, you could pre filter the unit through a carbon filter, that way any carbon from the filter would be removed by the distillation. Since chlorine is a VOC and will boil off at a lower temperature than water, you can also boil the water on the stove first to vent off the chlorine and then run the water through the distillation. We are always happy to hear from happy Pure Water customers. Let us know how it turns out for you.

  3. I recently purchased a Mini Classic late 2017. I have used cheaper Chinese water distillers with limited results primarily they fail in the first year. This time I spent a bit more money and purchased an American Made Mini Classic what a difference in quality. I produce 3-4 gallons per day easily and I could make more if needed. I like the auto shutoff feature, Excellent Machine. Don’t be afraid of the price as I feel it is worth it especially if you have previously owned a cheap unit that did not work well or failed. Use the post carbon filter supplied by Pure Water as it is better than the ones you find on Ebay. Follow the directions and soak your filter first for a few minutes. I replace the filter after 25 gallons. You will not be disappointed with Pure Water Mini Classic, worth every penny.

    5 out of 5
  4. On March 18, 2018, I purchased my first water distiller, a Pure Water Mini Classic CT. I carefully research anything before make a purchase and knew this was something that I needed and not just “wanted”. I try to buy the best quality products and never regret doing so. This product was no exception.

    I wanted to wait six (6) months before giving my review on this product, as I felt this would allow a fair amount of time before sharing my thoughts and experience. In the past, I have owned high-end RO systems and gravity fed filtration systems, but NONE of them compare to the quality and taste that this machine produces.

    The fact that it is made in the USA by a company that has been in business for 50 years, says and means a lot to me. I was confident that I would be purchasing a high quality product that would last me a lifetime. The whole philosophy behind this company’s business model, aligns with my own values and expectations. The fact that it is made of high quality stainless steel and that my water touches no plastic, was a determining factor over other brands and models.

    When I first received my Mini Classic CT, it could not have been more easily to setup and start producing the best water I’ve ever had. When I first purchased my Mini Classic CT, I bought five one gallon glass jars and today, I ordered five more. I produce on average two (2) gallons a day, one in the morning before work and the other before bedtime. So I always have plenty of pure water on hand.

    The water in my area (Las Vegas valley) is very hard and high in chlorine and other toxic chemicals, like hydrofluorosilicic acid (fluoride). In case you were unaware, this chemical “weaponizes” the municipal water supply, as it calcifies the pineal gland. Yes, it actually lowers your “IQ”. This was an extremely important factor in selecting the Mini Classic CT as it removes all of the harmful fluoride from our water. When maintaining the storage tank, it was “shocking” to see all of the inorganic scale and byproducts that were left in storage tank. Frightening to say the least… be sure to get the Lumen cleaner!

    The TDS in my area reads between 350-460 PPM. When I first began producing Pure Water, I noticed that my TDS reading were between 2-5 PPM. This soon dissipated to 1 PPM with every batch thereafter. I was curious why my water was reading “1 PPM” and not “0 PPM”. Here is what I discovered; If I placed my water in the refrigerator, the next morning when I tested it again, it read “0 PPM”. I was ecstatic and very pleased!

    In closing, I quickly found during my research that; there are many companies that make fortunes on the residual of selling plastic filters that are far less effective than what these machines are capable of producing. RO system and the like are “Cash Cows” and in my opinion produce water that is inferior to pure distilled water. Please educate yourself and don’t believe the disinformation regarding pure distilled water. If you think you need minerals in your water, simply buy a liquid brand you like and add a few drops or if you want to alkalize your water, just add some 100% organic lemon and/or lime juice to your water, it has the opposite affect in the human body and turns the acidic juice to alkalize your body. There is NOTHING more pure than Pure Water distillers. I love mine and I’m confident you will too… Thank you Pure Water for a great product!

    Nick Romano

    5 out of 5

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