Cholera a deadly threat in third-world countries

CNN Article on Cholera in Africa (Click here).

For several years, Pure Water brand has taken the lead highlighting the importance of owning a water distiller in every house, office, building, hospital and apartment to avoid and protect the owner from dangerous contaminants, especially in places without potable water.

Our clients in Africa continue to express their gratitude for the protection that Pure Water water distillers offer. Missions, hospitals, US Embassies, and multinational companies like ExxonMobil and Shell use our premium water distillers and recommend them to their expat employees. In areas of harsh water our systems are the only way to protect yourself from very dangerous contaminants like Cholera.

Do what you can to get the word out about the importance of our products to those who can do something about it.

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      Thanks Josh. We appreciate your input. It is a concern and a threat to all countries. Cholera is a dormant disease that can spread out and strike mercilessly Indiscriminatingly killing young and old. Thinking proactively is the best step to protect yourself and your friends and family. Distillation technology is the optimum solution when facing an “enemy” of that calibar.
      Please share that blog with your friends and family and spread the news among your community. I believe the Cholera issue is treated as a no threat, uniportant under the radar topic by the Media. We need to step up and create awareness. Every click counts.

    Good blog! Cholera can strike quickly. A real-life example occurred in 1992 when Aerolineas Argentinas Flight 386, a Boeing 747 jet, flew from Buenos Aires to Los Angeles with an intermediate stop in Lima, Peru, where food was loaded for the flight to Los Angeles. Before the plane reached Los Angeles, the crew radioed ahead and ambulances met the plane on arrival. 76 passengers were made ill and several were taken to local hospitals where one passenger later died. The illness was found to be cholera. The source was not positively identified – some reports said it was due to contaminated shrimp, others said the lettice had been washed in contaminated water at the food kitchen in Lima.

    Regardless of the real cause the result was clear. Cholera can kill quickly.

    Beneficial!!! Bookmarked this page that has this extremely good facts. Will come back to see if there are any updates. You, the author, are a master. Thanks

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