Well water in Caledonia tainted by molybdenum.

Wisconsin, the scene of the largest water contamination outbreak in recent US history, has a new sad water story (click here to see full story). Many residents of Caledonia have had their well water contaminated with a toxic metal called molybdenum. The suspected source is a nearby powerplant. The residents are receiving bottled water for drinking and cooking, which is hardly a good long-term solution. The residents are also concerned about the value of their homes and their ability to find buyers.

So here’s another solution; a premium Pure Water distiller in each home. It would be impossible to test our distillers against the millions of possible contaminants that can be found in water, but a good rule of thumb to determine whether distillation would remove a specific contaminants is to look at the contaminant’s boiling point. If a contaminant’s boiling point is higher than water’s boiling point of 212º we will be confident that we can effectively remove the contaminant from water. In this case, the boiling point of molybdenum is well above 4,000º F so we can say with high confidence that our water distillers will be extremely effective at removing this metal from the water supply.

Just to continue on this line of thought, we have designed our water distillers to be very effective on many contaminants that have a lower boiling point than water as well. We do this by incorporating twin-volatile gas vents as well as incorporating carbon filters into each of our systems.

This is why our premium water distillers are recognized to be the single best solution for protecting your family from the full range of contaminants in your water.

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