How about some contaminated water with that organic tea?

As with everything else organic, there has been a lot of emphasis on organic tea lately. It’s always been funny to me though that very little is said about the purity of water that organic tea is made with. After all, a cup of tea is 99+% water.

The unfortunate fact is that there are very real problems with contaminants in tap water all around the country. Contaminants can include arsenic, pesticides, herbicides, lead, industrial solvents and bacteria. If you read our blog every day you see how very real this problem is.

The fact is, consumers want purity and are willing to pay for it! Consider two obvious points; organic tea sales and bottled water sales. Bottled water sales saw double digit growth for over three decades. These consumers are pay a lot of money (bottled water is more expensive than gasoline) for water that they can get for free out of the tap! The difference between the bottled water and tap water is simply purity.

This should be undeniable proof that consumers want purity. Coffee and tea shops should embrace this and use the best water possible. We offer systems so that coffee and tea shops can make all of their drinks with our water, or if they want to they can offer pure water as an upgrade that people pay for.

For more information, check out our sections on tea & coffee shops (click here).

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