The Wisdom of Planning Ahead

It is 7 AM on Monday Morning March 14, 2011. I’m sitting watching with horror the disaster in Japan unfold with even more images of the horror to come I’m sure. I’ve tried to contact some friends in Japan by email but the emails were not delivered. For many people affected by this disaster, drinking water is not available, and where it is available the chances of severe contamination are high.

I’ll be getting to work in the next hour and one thing is for sure. We’ll be getting phone calls for distillers to be sent to Japan. It happens time and time again. For Hurricane Katrina, for the Haiti earthquake and other emergencies the calls came asking for large quantities of distillers to be shipped immediately to the disaster areas.

We produce a potentially life-saving product. Our distillers not only boil the water but they also remove the pure steam from the contaminated boiling water before converting the steam into bio-secure distilled water. That’s the beauty of steam-distillation. But we do not inventory large quantities of water distillers waiting for the next emergency. That’s the truth of it.

With the Christchurch and Japanese earthquakes there was little warning. It just happened and many survivors are left to fend for themselves – even in Japan which is the most prepared country in the world for earthquakes. That’s when the distiller can be a life-saver.

The point I’m making here is that emergency preparedness is something that must be done in advance. That applies to distillers too. We can’t turn on a dime and ship large numbers of distillers out overnight.

Think of your business or family’s situation and get a distiller installed before there is an emergency. It may save your family. If you have been on the sidelines thinking about getting a distiller, wait no longer. Have the day-to-day use of the distiller and at the same time be better prepared for an emergency.

As for me, we have 30 gallons of water stored in bottles plus a distiller. While we use water from the distiller every day, we hope we never have to dip into our 30 gallon supply of stored distilled water.

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