The government plans to dramatically raise acceptable radiation exposure limits!

What lengths will the government go to in order to keep the illusion of safety? ANY! Read this article and be amazed!

Now the government is considering dramatically raising the "acceptable" level of radiation that you and I and our children can be exposed to in our food and water.

"Internal documents obtained by PEER under a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit last autumn show that, under the updated PAG (Protective Action Guidelines), a single glass of water could give the equivalent of a lifetime’s permissible exposure. According to PEER, the new limits would cause a cancer in as much as every fourth person exposed."

Is it any coincidence that this is happening now, when huge amounts of radiation are pouring into the environment via Japan? Radiation is being found in milk and tap water in the USA and even Europe. Levels are increasing and there is no end in sight. If a company tried to pull this they'd be called evil capitalists and they'd be thrown in jail. If the government does it, it's good policy.

Is there any doubt who must be responsible for the health of your family? You.

So what do you think? Is your blood now boiling?

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    My community of Globe, Arizona, Gila County and surrounding counties and states were exposed to high levels of radiation from government testing of nuclear bombs in Nevada through-out the 1950’s. Hundreds of cases of cancer have resulted and the government is giving settled offers of $50,000. to victims that qualify. I believe in still could be in the soil & studies show women that were exposed at that time can pass to damage down to generations of daughters. My Father and Mother died from cancer, now my younger sister has cancer. I pray that by having my children & self drink distilled water for decades, has off set this radiation for us. It’s time for us to get serious in selling your product & help others. Thank You

    We appreciate you sharing Nelda. We too have observed areas with high cancer rates, which researchers have begun to call “Cancer Clusters”. It’s actually a way for them to find out if there could be an environmental contamination in a particular area. If they notice especially high rates of cancer in an area, then they’ll investigate possible contamination in the environment. This is ‘working backwards’ in our opinion. We believe in protecting your body and your family from as many environmental toxins as possible and a distiller certainly is the best way to remove contaminants from the water. You’ll be pleased to hear the results of our extensive radioactive testing that we did after the events of Fukishima. We tested Cesium, Iodine 131 and Uranium all with very high removal rates after going through a Pure Water distiller. Feel free to email for more details.

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