Uses of distilled water in the home…

In addition for using distilled water for anything that you consume, it also has many practical uses around the house. Here are some additional uses for distilled water besides drinking:

  • Ice cubes. You will be amazed at the clarity of your ice cubes.
  • Glass cleaner. Don’t ever buy glass cleaner from the store again. To make your own glass cleaner use half part distilled water and half part vinegar.
  • Cleaning water stains from wine glasses. Water stains are especially noticeable on wine glasses. An easy way to get rid of water stains is simply to soak the glasses in distilled water.
  • Removing salt stains from sports goggles. When I played racquetball I went through a new pair of goggles every few months because the salt build-up from my sweat ruined them. Any attempt to wipe them clean would scratch the lenses and make them useless. I eventually figured out that if I soaked my goggles in distilled water overnight, the salt would simply dissolve and the goggles would be like new again.
  • Make your own pillow mist. Pillow mist is a simple solution that can help you sleep at night. Get a little (4 to 5 ounce) spray bottle and fill it with distilled water. Then buy a small bottle of essential lavender oil and put about 5 drops in the distilled water. Shake it up and spray on your pillows. (Experiment with it before you spray it on your favorite linen to make sure the oil doesn’t stain).
  • Hair rinse. High end hair salons rinse their client’s hair with distilled water to remove the junk that can build up on hair.
  • Germinating seeds. We have had numerous students compare the results of germinating seeds with tap water with distilled water. Distilled water produces amazing results.
  • Irons. Obviously, your iron should be filled with only distilled water.

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