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Where Do I Buy Pure Water Distillers?

Pure Water Distillers have been manufactured in Lincoln, Nebraska since the company’s founding as Pure Water Society back in 1968. Since that time our company and products have went through many changes but we have always sold our distillers through a network of authorized distributors. We believe this is the most beneficial way for our […]

Just As We Thought: The Japanese Nuclear Power Plant Was Much Worse Than Reported

Immediately after the earthquake and tsunami hit the north east coast of Japan, officials in charge of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant insisted that they had things under controls and little radiation had escaped.  The Japanese Government officials also played down the danger and the radiation levels. The announcement that Tokyo drinking water was […]

Which Countertop Distiller Should I Buy?

The countertop distiller market has become much more web-oriented over the last few years due to an increased demand for distillation and the amount of research that consumers are doing online with regard to their drinking water. These types of distillers do not require installation and are less expensive than automatic distillers. There are many […]

Is a Brita Filter effective?

So you have a Brita filter. Good for you. That at least means that you’ve started to recognize that your tap water is less than ideal. But now as you learn more about the toxins that have been found in water you are starting to wonder, “Is the Brita filter good enough?”, and “Is the […]

What Is the Best Type of Water Filter?

As people become interested in seeking out treatment solutions for their water it easy for them to become overwhelmed by the vast amount of information and products that are in the market today. The term “water filter” is a generic term that most people associate with purifying water. Rather than discussing the best type of […]

The Amazing Thermal Phase-Change Process

When we go to put gasoline in our car, or when the attendees at the Kentucky Derby drink their Mint Julep, or when you put fragrance on before an important date, chances are, you are benefiting from the “distillation” process.  It’s also well known in water purification too.  Highly polluted water can be purified into […]