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Our Mission
Happiness Distilled!
No compromise on purity!
Spread the word about pure, distilled water…
We are asking for your help…
The Watercology Mission
Why do politicians lie to us?

Why our distillers ROCK!
Why our water distillers ROCK! (part 5)
Why our water distillers ROCK! (part 4)
Why our water distillers ROCK! (part 3)
Why our water distillers ROCK! (part 2)
Why our water distillers ROCK! (part 1)

Why we are the best at what we do.
Made in the USA!
The Trust We have Earned
What makes Pure Water different?
Pure Water versus the EPA

Shining the Light on Water Myths.
Water Myths #1: “Our filters remove the bad stuff while leaving in the good stuff”.
Water Myths #2: A Certain Type of Water is “Dead Water”
Water Myths #3: There is “Magic” Water.
Water Myth #4: You Need the Minerals in Water.
Water Myth #5: Is distilled water too pure?
Water Myth #6: Oxygenated Super Water.
Water Myth #7: The Amazing, Stupendous “Alkaline water”.
Water Myth #8; The Myth of Clustered Water
Water Myth #9: The Biggest Myth of them All!
Water Myths: Why Knowing the Truth Matters…
What Water Myth Do You Want Us To Answer?

Radiation in my Water?
Is your tap water radioactive?
Is your water radioactive? Part 2
Is your water radioactive? Part 3
The Dangers Of Nuclear Radiation in Water
Removing Uranium From Water with a Pure Water Distiller
Worried Companies Seek Solutions to Radioactive Tokyo Drinking Water
Nuclear Radiation – Stay Tuned Folks
Should I be worried about radiation in my drinking water?
PROOF: Yes, we remove uranium from water!
What is the real health threat to my family from Japanese radiation?
Potential April 6th Radiation Fallout Map
The government plans to dramatically raise acceptable radiation exposure limits!

Understanding Fluoride
The Truth about Fluoride – Part 1
The Truth about Fluoride, Part 2
The Truth About Fluoride, Part 3
The Truth About Fluoride, Part 4

Is tap water safe to drink?
Is my water contaminated?
Is my tap water safe to drink?
Are you drinking someone else’s waste? (yeah, that kind of waste!)
4 reasons that you don’t know whether your water is contaminated…
Is “safe” safe or is “safe” not safe?
How Water Contamination Equals Food Contamination
The Ten US Cities with the Worst Drinking Water
Assumption and Trust with Drinking Water
Reducing Your Exposure to Environmental Toxins
The 4 Types of Contaminants in Water
What’s in your water?
Is my well water safe?
What’s in my water? Dry cleaning chemicals?
Congress Takes Further Steps to Reduce Lead in Drinking Water
Chromium in Drinking Water
Well Water and Your Drinking Water.
Private Well-Water Issues and the Solution
Yet Another Amazing Case Study!
Cryptosporidium Strikes Again Via Drinking Water
Sewage Spills and Your Drinking Water
I’m Sure You Have Heard of E-Coli in the Water
More on Lead in School Drinking Water. Are Your Children at Risk?
Manganese in Drinking Water
Selenium in the Water: A Case for Balance
Drinking Water in Schools
Further Report on Lead in Drinking Water.
The Problem of Lead in the Drinking Water
How Serious is Arsenic in the Drinking Water Supply?
Could Arsenic in the Water Cause Strokes Here in the US?
Arsenic and Unintended Consequences
Protection from toxic red sludge
Legionnaires Disease and Water
The hidden poisons.
Manganese in Drinking Water Linked to Lower IQ in Children
A Pattern of Cancer?
What killed Frank Branham?
Plankton in Your Drinking Water
Well water in Caledonia tainted by molybdenum.
Pharmaceuticals in Water
Cholera a deadly threat in third-world countries
Interesting NYT Video
A look at “cides”
Perchlorates & Your Health
Thyroid Problems and Perchlorates in Water

Understanding the superiority of distilled water.
So what is “distilled water”?
All Distilled Water is NOT the Same
Question: How does distillation remove chemicals such as chlorine? Won’t chlorine and other harmful chemicals simply vaporize with the water vapor? How then does the distiller separate the chlorine vapor from the water vapor?
Understanding Distillation as an Effective Purification Process (Part 1)
What is distilled water?
5 reasons that you should be drinking distilled water
Why distillation is the best for an emergency…
Know what’s in that soda you’re drinking? Now you do!

Water Biosecurity – What You Can Do Now!
Water Biosecurity – What is it all about?
Terrorists May Strike Food – Can Water be Far Behind?

Distilled water & your health.
Do you eat organic food yet drink tap water? Huh?
3 Indisputable Advantages of Distillation
Distilled Water for AIDS
Distilled water may help prevent Alzheimer’s!
Heavy Metals Can Cause Major Chronic Health Problems
6 Reasons that Children Should Drink Fresh, Distilled Water
What type of water should diabetics drink?
Dr. Andrew Weil on Distilled Water
The Importance of Drinking Water for Athletes
Wake up to a Beautiful Morning!
Children & Purity

A word about our competitors.
“Magic” Water
What about Alkaline Water?
Trust R.O. Water? Not me!
How does one of our premium water distillers compare to reverse osmosis?
Is a Brita Filter effective?
Should you be careful who you trust with your body?

Enjoying life with your water distiller.
The tea experience
Using Distilled Water In Food Preparation, Cooking & Baking
Offer a healthier, better tasting cup of tea…
A Fresh Cup of Tea
Making tea with pure, distilled water
How about some contaminated water with that organic tea?
Uses of distilled water in the home…

Helping to create a green world.
The Plague of Plastic Bottles

Distributing our Products
We remember a 101 year old Pure Water Distributor
Protecting the Trust

Water in the News
Book Review: The Blue Death by Dr. Robert Morris
A Response to Dr. Oz